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Dr Wehking Receives TopDentists Award


Wouldn’t going to the dentist be a little more fun if you could see a smile architect and visit the Tooth Fairy’s house? At Dr. Dawn Wehking’s Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry you can do just that! Dr. Wehking offers a comfortable, personalized experience for her patients. Her commitment to excellence was recently recognized with a TopDentists award. Those of us at Focal Point eSolutions are always so pleased to hear of the accomplishments of our clients. We’ve always known that Dr. Wehking of Complete Family Dentistry was special and have enjoyed working with her and her staff on her website for over three years.

Dr. Wehking has always had a passion for artistry and helping the community. As a child, she wanted to own a restaurant. While it may seem like quite a jump to go from dreaming of managing a restaurant to perfecting smiles, Dr. Wehking says the root desire is the same. “To me, actually, dentistry is a lot like owning a restaurant. I get to be a strong part of the community and see the same people on a regular basis,” she elaborates.

We all realize how important our dental health is to our overall well being and our smile is to our appearance. Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry merges the two with both general and cosmetic dentistry. Their team offers everything from whitening for sensitive teeth to treatment of TMJ and occlusal disease. Taking note of her varied and experienced practice, you can see where the concept of being a smile architect comes in. Dr. Wehking explains the philosophy by saying, “I have advanced training in order to handle large and complex cases. So, the smile architect philosophy came about because we make sure the framework is strong before we build the rest of the smile.”

This philosophy extends right outside the dental practice as well. When patients first make a visit to Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry, they’re often pleased to see the office is actually a house! This cozy abode feels warm and friendly unlike the typical cold, sterile environment of many dental offices. Little ones will create happy memories as well when they peek into the Tooth Fairy’s house.

With such a warm, personalized approach backed by years of experience and expertise, it’s no wonder Dr. Wehking was honored by her colleagues with the TopDentists award. These specialists see her hard work each day and recognize what it takes to truly be a top dentist.

Be sure to check out the June edition of the 5280 magazine to learn more about Dr. Wehking. If you’re looking for a healthy, glowing smile, contact Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry today. Dr. Wehking and her team in, located in Lafayette, Colorado, will provide you with the personalized experience they’re so well known for.

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