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Google Pushing for Increased Website Security

December 16th, 2016

The Google Chrome Security team has announced that the Chrome browser will begin labeling HTTP connections as insecure starting in January 2017. Chrome currently displays a green lock icon in the address bar for sites that are secure but the security team will be taking it one step further by displaying a warning on unencrypted sites.

The first sites to see that change will be those that transmit passwords or credit cards as non-secure via the Chrome 56 browser. Initially, these sites will be to display a “Not secure” label in the address bar. Google plans to extend the HTTP warnings to Incognito mode in following releases and will eventually add a prominent red triangle to the label on all HTTP pages as shown below.

Focal Point eSolutions is purchasing SSL certificates for all sites hosted under our super-fast and super-reliable VPS service. The typical price for this certificate is $65 a year per website, but for our clients, we will purchase and install the certificate for free — just another benefit to having your website design and maintenance done by Focal Points where our focus is “Building Websites that Build Business”. Each website owner will be contacted to work out a schedule for the transition.

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