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SEO Power from Evergreen Content (i.e., Focus on Information vs. News)

September 17th, 2012

Evergreen content, or information that shares knowledge instead of news, can be used as a foundation for your company’s content strategy. “How-to” posts, for instance, offers value that won’t diminish in a couple weeks or months. According to SEOmoz, storing this type of content on your blog will help create sustainable traffic, brand growth, and increase the authority of your site.

This theory is backed up with real data from a case study with Jason Acidre, CEO at Xight Interactive, using content that was researched, accurate, and relevant to his target audience, but also very evergreen. The study shows that Jason’s content is still continuously attracting natural links from other websites even after a year, due to visibility from readers who have shared the content via social networks, blogs that have linked to it, and Google continually sending search traffic to it. Want to know more? See all the data behind this case study here.

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