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Nonie’s Ark Animal Adventures: Edutainment for Kids

Nonies Ark
Business Info: Nonie’s Ark provides Edutainment to Kids on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Join Nonie for a fun, hands-on learning adventure featuring live exotic animals for birthdays, classrooms, festivals and more! She provides a one hour presentation, indoors, to groups of up to 30 kids in a “story time” type setting. A semi-circle of chairs works great and I present one of 7 animals at a time and teach about their natural history, behaviors, habitats and why she has them. Most of my animals are rescued, unwanted or unwarranted small exotic pets. Her presentation is fun, educational and responsible.

The presentation is not a lecture, it is a give and take, question and answer session in which she asks the kids lots of questions to pull out what they already know. This sometimes impresses the adults that are watching! She offers two packages. The first includes the Animal Presentation. The second combines the Animal Presentation with a Party!

Project Info: The website needed to be recoded to remove it from it’s restrictive WordPress theme. Once completed, we could update the site as Nonie desired. The site was designed to be responsive to the display size that a visitor uses. Search engine optimization was added for each page, image and post.
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