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Internet Marketing

All websites developed by Focal Point eSolutions get a good internet marketing / search engine optimization start before launch and also after. During website design, high-level keyword research is performed to determine what your customers are actually searching against online to find your services. These keywords are used on your website pages, titles, headings, and page meta data and help propel your search ranking after launch.

We register your site with search engines and start tracking website analytic data as soon as the site is available on the internet to gain even more insight into whether your customers are finding your site and how, and they are doing once they get to your website. All websites are hooked up to an SSL certificate to ensure website security and also search ranking. We also help you better understand other actions that can result in better search ranking – like how to register your domain name and how to setup your Google Business and social media pages.

Growing a business’ search ranking is a process that takes time which is why we provide an hour of support to every customer as part of their Website Maintenance Program. This time can be used to make updates or additions to your website, help support social media posting, review Google analytic data, put together a newsletter or email marketing campaign, etc. This is your hour to help grow your internet presence.

If you currently have a website that isn’t performing for you or need to start your internet presence from scratch, contact us today to get traffic to your business and improve sales performance. Contact us today!

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