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Website Update: New Store for the Family Gold Buying Center in Valparaiso, FL

December 14th, 2012

The Family Gold Buying Center opens new store in Valparaiso, FL

The Family Gold Center recently opened a second Emerald Coast store in Valparaiso, FL. They also have a store in the heart of Crestview and another will open soon in Pensacola! It’s thrilling to see their business grow! Focal Points will modify the current website that was completed earlier this year to include the new location and post a pre-announcement of the Pensacola store. We’ll also be adding content to advertise the savings The Family Gold Buying Center provides customers on retail jewelry pieces. The Gold Center will also be subscribing to our monthly blog/social media package to promote what is happening with their business and within their industry. It’s great to be able to continue working with Bryan Kirk and Chris Church (and Bryan’s mom, Becky, who is taking on more of the management of the company).

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