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Worsham Business Consulting Northwest FL Website Development

May 12th, 2013

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I’m so pleased to be able to work again with Rich Worsham on another website to support his Business Development Consulting business. We worked together recently on a website to promote his new book, ‘The Legend of the Dog’, an adventure that takes dachshund, Buster Brown, through many experiences that ultimately provide life lessons we can all learn from.

Northwest FL Website Development – Worsham Business Consulting

Rich has been in the business development business for over 30 years. He has primarily supported the Department of Defense (DoD) but also supports international business development. Worsham Business Consulting provides Advisory Services, Training and Mentoring, Leads and Supplements a company’s business development team, and even provides ‘Proposal Rescue 911’ services.

The website design is complete and code has started. We’ll have his site up in the next couple weeks!

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